Accessories: The Make Or Break Factor Of Any Design

“The most successful interiors are put together by people who surround themselves with objects that bring them joy.” – Nate Berkus”

We all know accessories make or break a space, yes, it has that much power. The way you accessorize a place speaks a lot about you. By going into a room, people can immediately tell your taste, knowledge, personality, style, sense of space, exposure, experiences, your mindset, what resonates with you (and this is not even close to being exhaustive), because these factors come to play in the way you interpret your design.

Accessories are those little (or not so little) design elements that accentuate a space. They vary in size and form but ultimately serve as the finishing notes on any design layout. The act in itself should be deliberate, serving as complementary elements or better still, room enhancers.

They could include plants, throw pillows, lamps, side stools, mirrors, bedroom canopies, vignettes, ottomans, candles, magazines, area rugs and of course art! Did I mention that wall art is the holy grail of accessorizing? Not only do they express personality and style, but they also add character to any space. When selected thoughtfully, it -or they if you are using multiple- could be all sufficient by itself.

I like to even think air fresheners are also a perfect fit because they leave your room smelling fresh. Imagine having a beautiful, well put together space that smells horrible. Nobody would want to sit there for another second no matter how good your place looks. Dare I say it, but  I think air fresheners should be considered as accessories. Luckily, some manufacturers make very pretty bottles/cases so that it fits perfectly into your overall aesthetic of a place.

By now, you should have come to the conclusion that interior design plays with 3 of our sensory organs: The eyes to visualize and appreciate the beauty in your design, skin to feel the texture and comfort of the materials used and lastly, the nose to take in the beautiful scents of any space.

Although your initial space setup sets the tone for the kind of finishes to infuse into your space, but more often than not, interior designers have seen that accessories can also help correct initial design error(s) and take on a life of its own.

Some noteworthy things to bear in mind when thinking of accessorizing are scale and proportion, budget, creating clusters and having a focal point. Measuring and laying out the room in advance can save you a whole lot of headache, and of course setting aside a workable budget before you embark on this creative journey so you don’t run out of money and enthusiasm. When you create clusters by balancing out items, it allows for visual appeal and lasting impact in the eyes of the beholder.

The devil is in the details.

Last but not the least, create an eye-catching focal point. It’s super easy to point out the focal point in a space and if you don’t have one, you can create it by strategically placing a distinct and eclectic object there. It could be a hefty clock or a gigantic artwork; whatever rocks your boat.

Design hack: You can create a long lasting impression with your design by echoing your own character in your accessories. Blown out pictures of loved ones, items from your childhood, sea shells neatly arranged in a glass bowl and souvenirs from travels are just some ideas to consider.

Now how are you going to accessorize your space?

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