Are Interior Designers only for the wealthy people?

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” – Paul Rand.

One common misconception people get when it comes to Interior Design is that it is only available to the wealthy. Isn’t hiring an interior designer a luxury afforded only by the ultra-rich? This is such a huge falsehood that holds most people from hiring a professional. With interior designing being an emergent profession, a lot of people are getting their spaces done by
professionals, giving it that touch of elegance, sophistication, class and style – depending on style preference while also harnessing space in the best way. But a lot of people are of the opinion that having someone design your space – residential and commercial is an extreme indulgence. Hiring an interior designer is actually quite common for savvy, coat-conscious home owners.

I can do it myself why hire? Many feel that they have a good eye for form, function and color, which may not be entirely wrong but there still remain some important concepts of design that only a designer can give you. This isn’t restricted to a particular class of people, as interior designing centers around the clients’ style and no style is considered too ambiguous or too small,
so far it is achievable.

Interior designing is expensive for sure, but the cost incurred largely depends on the designer you hire. Designers would work within your budget – if you want professional help with one room, a small project, a wall color, getting in contact with them and making enquiries on if they are willing to do a small, budget friendly job is the beginning of hiring one. Designers would save you money in the long run – designers have access to more sources for quality furniture than you do, no restrictions to a handful of catalogues. Quality materials and pieces stand the test of time, reducing the need to replace them after a few years; this may seem
ambiguous still but the quality is worth the investment and saves you money in the long run.

Designers save you from having to know if something is worth it – professionals are experts at working within your budget, they know what materials and pieces are worth the budget pie and which can be less expensive if needed. Combining the “saves” and the “extravagancy” to achieve a high-end, classy, yet budget-friendly look has to be one of the major features an interior designer possesses. Designers save you money – designers get trade accounts with manufacturers and these discounts are shared with their clients to help them save cost.

You do not need to be wealthy to hire an interior designer, you just need to know the style you’d love to achieve, get an interior designer that can help achieve that style and work within your budget.

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