The Butterfly Effect of Interior Design

The Butterfly effect as we know is a theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever. This rings true in design as well; a good interior designer can turn a basic space into something special. Interior design when done right should bring the home occupants into a state of zen i.e peacefulness, stability, and to be in the present with positive vibes and energy. Any feeling short of that is a failed attempt at design

This phenomenon could work either negatively or positively. Let’s take the positive for instance, you’ve got a home or office that is set-up quite nicely and livable but have that nagging feeling that there’s just something missing and you know deep down that only an expert in design can fix it. It could just be something as little as rearranging the furniture but you wouldn’t know because that’s not where your expertise lie. An interior designer on walking into a space would immediately be able to figure out the missing puzzle and BOOM!, your space comes to life. Remember it’s about how very little things even the tiniest detail matter in putting together a well curated space. Appreciating space, sunlight, art, nature, time, objects and the people that would be living in the space is the prerogative of a designer.

A fellow designer had this to share… I’m currently working on a residential project for a client. The interior architecture (floor plan layout) has been decided. The furniture layout has been approved. Colour scheme, fabrics, wallpapers, lighting was proposed for every room. The feel and look was approved (interior design, concept phase). In the ground floor where we have an open plan layout, every area (dining, living and kitchen) special characters have been assigned but still connected visually as a very important part of the concept was to keep the harmony and continuity when you walk from one “room” to the other so the space flows and the relation between them can be felt and seen smoothly.

He liked it. But…he wanted to change the wallpaper proposed in the living area for another one he saw and which he particularly likes. This was a challenge and i’d say a good example of the butterfly effect in the negative form. As everything was connected, removing this very important part of the concept involved choosing another colour scheme for walls and furniture. Because of this, rugs had to be changed as well. The effect reached the hallway and staircase and we had to start from scratch. Needless to say, this meant spending more time, money and resources

It’s those little changes that occur in the lifespan of a project that determines the overall outcome. Keep this in mind and you would never go wrong.

Just think about the butterfly, it was first an ugly caterpillar that nobody liked before it morphed into a beautiful butterfly. Its survival and beauty are dependent on everything going smoothly. If something were to go wrong during the process of metamorphosis, the butterfly could die or not form properly. Same rules apply before and during a design stage.

So next time you find yourself in need of a fix for your apartment, office, store or any space at all, let the thought of how the caterpillar become one of the most adored flies in the world- the butterfly and how your space can also come into its own in a unique way and bring beauty to its beholders. With the right designer, anything is possible

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