Efficient Hacks To Bring High Class Style To Your Home On A Budget

Due to the rising cost of living and importing choice items into homes in the country, it has become pertinent to get creative with available pieces around the home or one would exceed his/her budget bringing in furniture to create the desired look and feel.

It still remains that some of the most stylish homes have been brought to life with a little daring spirit and imagination. The same creativity and imagination can be achieved in your space especially when you are working with a minimum budget. Make the most of your space with these top hacks below.

Whether you’re planning to revamp or just give a nod to some things, this list would make a big difference in your home or space without leaving a dent in your pocket.

  • Use gold, brass or silver upholstery.

The secret to a glamorous room isn’t just a color on the wall. It’s that certain touch of wealth that comes with gold, silver or brass decor.
Think of it as jewelry for the room. These precious metals are a great way to make a luxury statement in a home. The trick is to trim furnitures such as sofas, dining room chairs and armchairs with upholstery of such patterned precious metals. They bring in the Renaissance style to your space. From damask to velvet and venetian, incorporate either gold, silver or brass into upholstery and you’re sure to make a grand statement of opulence in your home.

  • Place mirrors on walls.

You can live large when your space is small. One of the most amazing things to remember is that anything put in front of a mirror is usually doubled. Take advantage of this visual phenomenon and position a vase of flowers or a lamp in front of it. You could go for either small wall mirrors or large floor mirrors. Placing one or two of these mirrors in a home would do just the trick of making the space look bigger and also give an elevated appeal to the space.

  • Use bamboo blinds.

Your choice of window treatment can make a huge difference in making your home exude great panache. The right window curtain, blinds or shades can turn any window into a stunning focal point. How about you turned things up a little bit with bamboo blinds? If eclectic, global or farmhouse style appeals to you, you’re going to truly love the bamboo window blinds. When all you need is to filter out the light without having to block it entirely, the bamboo blinds are a great option to go with. They give a room a beachside vibe – and cost far less than any other window treatment could possibly be. The thing we love most about it is that it can work with most varieties of design styles so you’re sure to enhance the look of your space whatever home design you’re currently on. The bamboo blinds are a designer’s favourite, they give a nod to 70’s vintage style plus they give that Santorini vibe to your home especially when working with white walls. They also come in different colours so you don’t necessarily have to use brown.

  • Replace lights with vintage-inspired bulbs.

The amazing thing about mid-century style is that it never goes out of date. Who doesn’t love simple yet elegant home decor? The vintage-inspired bulb will create a more intimate lighting in your home. Not sure if you really want to immerse your home in old-school style? Opting for vintage style lighting is the perfect way to choose the classic look without going overboard. The subtle hints of the classic effect it has on the space and the warm nostalgic glow of the bulb give a feeling of ancient royalty and antique to a home.

  • Hang framed work of art on the walls.

From DIY photos to children painting, framed works of art make a house feel like a home. As a homeowner, it is important to note the right scale and size of art to place on the wall. Be also aware that too much artwork on the walls often detracts from the interior and causes clutter. Picking select locations like the corridor wall, dining wall or staircase wall and hanging just a few precious pieces are amazing options. Retaining memories is important and what better way to do that than with frames.

As you have discovered, there are various ways to make your home look high class on a budget. A plus would be, take the time to create a budget for each room in your home and visit furniture stores around. You may be surprised at what you would find.

Have any more ideas to share? Let’s hear your thoughts.



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