COVID19: Is Your Home Designed For A Global Shutdown?

In the coming weeks, many of us will be spending more time indoors than outdoors to reduce exposure to the notorious coronavirus. Hence we have more time on our hands to spruce things up a little bit. 

Work-from-home model is the new norm and the reality is a lot of homes aren’t up to par and are not designed for long periods of staying in. 

Here’s our DIY guide on how you can adapt your home to fit the new world order:

  1. Buying a smart standing desk is a great investment now; even better than TP. Sitting or lying on your back 24/7 is not healthy.  Find a workable balance between sitting, lying and standing to help with your blood flow.
  2. Create room to move around easily in your apartment so you don’t get claustrophobic and run into furniture lying around haphazardly. 
  3. Add some extra cushions to your couch or favourite seat to support your back and give you a better sitting posture. This is particularly important for people who would be doing a lot of “netflix and chill” during this period.
  4. Bring nature closer. A little greenery goes a long way to keep the atmosphere in your home alive. You can use an old bowl as a vase and place some plants and/or flowers in it.

Chances are we’ll be here for a while so we advise you make it your own personal ideal getaway spot. Of course it’s not your hilton or beach front ideal staycation but make it as cozy  and as functional as possible 

Overall, as much as possible, we encourage you to only go out when absolutely necessary, wash your hands as often as possible, wear a mask and don’t panic. 

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